Welcome to Rue 29, Janice’s world of event planning, where excellence meets local expertise, trust is paramount, and every detail is handled with precision and care. Janice, a dedicated ambassador for Napa Valley, is your boots on the ground, ready to craft unforgettable moments in this picturesque wine country. We’d like to introduce you to the woman behind the magic.

In a world where wedding and event planners sometimes feel distant, Janice stands out as a local champion. Her roots run deep in Napa Valley, and her reviews speak volumes – “Janice knows everyone.” Janice’s unparalleled local knowledge is a game-changer for those seeking assistance with their special occasions. She is not just a planner; she’s a Napa Valley ambassador, encouraging clients to support local businesses, artisans, and the essence of this enchanting region.

Janice is not just an event planner; she’s your trusted partner in crafting unforgettable moments in Napa Valley. With her local expertise, unwavering trustworthiness, culinary and wine knowledge, attention to detail, extensive vendor network, and budget-friendly approach, she is ready to turn your dreams into reality.

Janice, a Reiki Master, yoga practitioner, and Qigong enthusiast, holds a deep connection within the Bay Area wellness community. Through her extensive network, she brings a distinctive touch of mindfulness and well-being to every event she meticulously plans. Opt for Janice, and transform your Napa Valley celebration into a story to cherish forever.

Wine Country Event Planning

Where Trust Meets Local Expertise

Trust: The Foundation of Every Celebration

At the core of Janice’s philosophy is trust. She understands that entrusting someone with the most important day of your life is a leap of faith. Janice never takes this trust for granted. With a background in 5-star luxury hotels and restaurants, her reputation for trustworthiness is well-earned. Clients find reassurance in her unwavering commitment to ensuring their celebration goes off without a hitch.

A Culinary and Wine Connoisseur

Janice’s expertise extends beyond event planning. Her experience as a sommelier, coupled with a deep culinary and wine/viticulture background, allows her to curate bespoke experiences based on her clients’ preferences. Prepare to discover hidden gems in Napa Valley that you never knew existed, thanks to Janice’s insider knowledge.

Detail-Oriented: From Big Picture to Small Details

No detail is too small for Janice. Her super-organized, detail-oriented approach ensures that every aspect of your event is meticulously planned. She works closely with vendor teams and venues to ensure everything is perfectly aligned, leaving you with one job – to show up and let the celebration begin. Janice’s goal is simple: to make you feel relaxed while your friends are astonished at how stress-free your event-planning journey has been.

Vendor Partnerships: A Network of Excellence

Janice’s fine dining restaurant management background has been invaluable in her role as a wedding and event planner. She has cultivated long-standing relationships with vendors, venues, hotels, wineries, and more. When it comes to your big day, Janice knows and trusts every member of the team, ensuring that they perform flawlessly, without exception. In the world of weddings, there are no second chances, and Janice leaves nothing to chance.

Budget Friendly Excellence

Janice understands that every client has a unique budget in mind. Her goal is to deliver exceptional experiences while being mindful of your financial constraints. Whether you have a modest or lavish budget, Janice will work tirelessly to come in at or below your ideal budget for Napa Valley. To ensure realistic expectations, she offers budget assessment and assistance from the outset.