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Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator



Every year the team at The Knot ask their readers “What is the best decision you made when planning your wedding?” By far, the most popular answer is always “hiring a wedding planner”.

With a significant financial investment, and between 200-400 hours of planning for the average destination wedding, it is no wonder that most couples are grateful to have a skilled wedding planner at the helm, helping them navigate the waters and all the numerous details of their wedding. A professional wedding planner will offer you sound budget advice, vendor recommendations, contract negotiations, timeline creation, along with flawless execution on your wedding day. The right wedding planner will actually save you a substantial amount of money, as well as save you time, and afford you peace of mind before and during your big day.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of packages Rue 29 Napa Valley can customize for your wedding:

Full Service or Partial Wedding Planning
This package is customized to the amount of hours required, based on each individual client and venue:

  • Provides vendor referrals and assists you with negotiating vendor contracts
  • Schedules and attends vendor meetings with you, or in your absence
  • Creates and distributes a detailed timeline for wedding day
  • Assistance creating and tracking your wedding budget
  • Attends site visits and menu tastings
  • Manages the wedding rehearsal run-through at the venue
  • Oversees everything on wedding day; making sure everyone adheres to the timeline, handles snafus, manages all the vendors, and executes your vision on wedding day

Factors to Consider

  • You have no idea where to start when it comes to planning your wedding and your organizational skills aren’t the greatest
  • Your life is very busy or you have a very short time-frame for planning your wedding
  • You are trying to plan a destination wedding from afar, involving multiple events, and you are not familiar with Napa Valley
  • Your venue is a unique space, not at a hotel or restaurant, and their staff does not offer any assistance planning or designing my wedding

Wedding Day Management

This package will include at least 40 hours of wedding coordination and management:

  • Meets with you before the wedding to get a handle on what you’ve planned thus far
  • Checks in with your vendors to review the signed contracts and confirm logistics
  • Creates and distributes a detailed timeline for wedding day
  • Completes a final walk-through of the ceremony and reception sites
  • Addresses any overlooked details
  • Manages the wedding rehearsal run-through at the venue
  • Oversees the wedding day; making sure everyone adheres to the timeline, handles snafus, manages all the vendors, and executes your vision on wedding day

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do you want to play an active role in planning your wedding?
  • Would you like to be confident that a professional wedding planner is taking care of all the last-minute details on wedding day, making certain you haven’t missed anything and allowing you to relax?
  • Are you an extremely organized and detail-oriented person, with the time to devote to planning your wedding?
  • Or are you able to find room in the wedding budget for a full-service wedding planning package?

Wedding Designer or Architect

Depending on the size and intricacies of your wedding, often an Event Designer is the appropriate choice. This is an expert who specializes in floral, as well as event design. Depending on your wedding, this may be able to be handled by your wedding planner. These are all the questions to discuss with your venue and your wedding planner, during the initial planning phase while you are creating your wedding budget.

  • Creates your wedding design and concept with the two of you
  • Provides guidance with your color palette
  • Oversees and manages the décor budget
  • Sources special equipment, props and lighting
  • Schedules site visits to devise a layout and identifies any potential issues or problems well in advance of wedding day
  • Creates detailed floor plans and schematics with your venue and wedding planner
  • Ensures all the décor elements are in place at the wedding and are removed at the end of the event

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Is décor and design the most important element of your wedding?
  • Are you confident in your organizational skills, but not in your creativity and your ability to design the wedding and manage all the various vendors?
  • Do you know precisely what you want for your wedding, but you have no idea how to execute it?
  •  Do you want assistance with the design from a skilled professional who is very familiar with your venue?


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